The Rec


The Rec district in Igualada is one of the oldest industrial districts in Catalonia and the only 17th century heritage site which still conserves the activity for which it was created more than three centuries ago: leather tanning.

The charactersitic buttresses attached to the walls of the tanneries; the footbridges; the bassots - brick tanks for the waste, by the sides of the footbridges –; the stone deposits, and the canal gates are all typical elements of a district with a strong personality. Born by the Anoia river, it is a magical place which combines abandoned factory premises and new industrial architecture, while keeping the identity of a town born around the leather industry, making it a unique place in the world. 

After four decades of living with its back to the Rec, the town of Igualada has rediscovered it, fallen in love with it and started revitalizing it with several cultural and shopping initiatives.


Report broadcasted by TVC about the Project Enquiry on the Rec district of Igualada.