The Project Enquiry


The Project Enquiry for the Rec district of Igualada is an ambitious participative process promoted by the Town Council of Igualada alongside the Catalan Institute for Advanced Architecture (IAAC) and the collaboration of the Architects Association of Catalonia, with the aim of deciding the future of the most emblematic district of the capital of Anoia.
Under the title “Rethinking the Rec district”, the citizens of Igualada are asked to participate in a collective exercise of imagining what the district should be like in a decade from now and after that. From the conclusions of the several public debates, architects and town planners – local, national and international – will be able to send their ideas and proposals and opt to several prizes. These proposals will also be chosen by a jury of experts and agents from Igualada.

This is a great participative process that the town is living, leaded by the institutions, and aims to for a long-term strategic reflection which is shared by everyone and incorporates the talent of architecture and town planning professionals at a local, national and international scale, as well as generating new ideas and connecting with industrial district reconstruction processes around the world.

The enquiry is divided in three categories. Check the participating teams:

Construction and mixed uses

Public space and urban landscape

Town planning and connectivity